Nature Children

These sessions provide a sensory experience of activities, with interesting hidden gems in the trees and a variety of special treasures for you and your little one to take part in our sensory stories. The sessions are aimed at children from walking – 5 years old who like to get outside, keep active and explore.

Promoting Social skills: children gain increased awareness of their surroundings and heighten their senses through the woodland. Allowing children to be in a safe space which encourages respect for self, others and the environment.

Confidence: children have the freedom, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence. 

Communication: language development is prompted by the children’s sensory experiences

Motivation: the woodland fascinates children and they develop a keenness to participate 

Physical skills: these improvements are characterised by the development of physical stamina and gross and fine motor skills

Interactive: A regular rhythm to each session, creating a space where the children gain the confidence to make independent discoveries, explore and extend ideas, and develop problem solving skills and creativity.

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