Meet Steph

Hi, I am Steph; mummy to my little girl and founder of Steph’s Active Adventures.

Becoming a mummy to our daughter in 2018 is my proudest moment. She has changed my outlook and given me a whole host of positive and overwhelming experiences. She has given me inner strength and enabled me to adapt to a new lifestyle.  This has triggered new ambitions in promoting my passion for the benefits of keeping healthy and promoting woodland wellbeing activities in wonderful green spaces; which can support everyone by sharing a smile.

As a Swimming Coach for over 13 years, working with all key stages and abilities of children, I have gained skills through the enjoyment of working with people. I have a passion for using all my experiences as a Sports Coach, Early Years Professional and Disability Aquatics teacher. I promote health, wellbeing and happiness of children and families, providing a nurturing and mindful community through active adventures.

Knowing the range of benefits that there are for both parent and child from being out in nature, this has become an integral part of our daily routine. Therefore with a passion for the outdoors and an enjoyment of staying active, I trained to be  a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor when our daughter was 12 months old.

With this as my passion to promote family active wellbeing, I have taken the decision to introduce a variety of sessions as Stephs Active Adventures to Worden Park Leyland. Let being in nature, nurture little minds and have active adventures together within our magical woodland community.